16 October 2007

Presentation to Long Island Software CEO Forum

Last week I presented "Lessons Learned" to a group of software company CEOs on Long Island. Below, using a new tool that I found called "SlideShare," I've embedded the presentation. Let me know any thoughts about it and/or slideshare by leaving a comment.


  1. Les,
    Just reading the slides I think I would have no problem agreeing with your assessments, with one exception. I was wondering what you meant by "Professionalism is on the way out" ??

    Glad to see such frankness about hiring and firing. The truth is we have to help people move on when the time has come. Maybe in this day and age it will be easier but I am not certain.

  2. Roger - "Professionalism on the way out" is intended to send the message that sour grapes, no matter how warranted, has no place in the workplace. Any CEO whose company has been sold, must maintain the highest level of behavior at all times, especially after a sale. This is a sensitive time for the rest of the troops and people will pay close attention to how she behaves as an indicator of what the future holds.