25 February 2009

Start Up the Risk Takers

It seems that Thomas L. Friedman, the economist and author of The World is Flat, agrees with the premise in my 21 December blog post on bailing out the auto industry. In his op ed in the New York Times published on 21 Feb 2009, Mr. Friedman suggested that it would be better to invest this money in startups than with the zombie auto industry. Great minds think alike (or he read this blog first).

For his column please see: Start Up The Risk-Takers

12 February 2009

Bring on The Entrepreneurs - It's Time!

The difference between the great and good societies and the regressing, deteriorating societies is largely in terms of the entrepreneurial opportunity and the number of such people in the society. I think everyone would agree that the most valuable 100 people to bring into a deteriorating society would not be 100 chemists, or politicians, or professors, or engineers, but rather 100 entrepreneurs.

Abraham Maslow

Seems like its high time to bring in the entrepreneurs in America!